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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Decorating Dreams

When I redecorate my home one day in the future, this is my inspiration:

To me, the reclaimed creek bed in the forest invokes a sense of tranquility, joyfulness, and hope.

The cool blues and greens with gold tones and pops of red represent what I want my house to convey:

You are welcome here.  Be at peace.  Feel and give joy and love freely and find beauty around you.
What lies in the light beyond the trees?  Seek out your path and find out for yourself.

(Also, it doesn't hurt that I love these colors and they will be great against a neutral backdrop with lots of whites and rich wood tones.)

1 comment:

Daddy said...

What a pretty painting! Did you paint it? It reminds me a lot of the the view from our creek leading to the Red River. I love the colors, so many to choose from. I tell people my favorite color is "Paisley". I can't just narrow it down to one color, so that will just have to be my answer. :-)