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Thursday, July 19, 2012

WW Wednesday

"Come on!  Where are all the Mediums?" I said to myself as I sorted through colorful cotton tanks at Wal-Mart.  "I need something smaller to work-out in."

Whoa.  Did I really just think that?

Yesterday I re-hit the 70-pounds lost mark in my weight loss joooourney.  Buh-bye 1X0's!  It was a fun educational year!  Yep, 11 months in and around that set of numbers.  I would say I'm not proud but I am.  I learned a lot in those months.

I learned that I can be happy with myself and my body even when I am still overweight.

I learned that I can maintain significant weight loss.

I learned that I can handle lots of little gains and even a 10-pounder.

I learned that mistakes don't define you and instead how you react to them matters the most.

I learned that I can enjoy an hour-long exercise class -- something that previously scared me too much to step foot in.

I learned that my struggles can be a blessing to others.

I learned that my support network will help keep me afloat when I think I might sink... if I reach out for them.

I learned that if you haven't achieved your goal yet, you aren't a "failure" waiting to become a "success."

I learned that if don't stay alert, I give doubt and fear way too much power.  Way, WAY too much power.  

Last but not least I learned that you never know it all!
Just like in all aspects of life, what works at one time doesn't work forever.

I think in the weight-loss arena especially, people tend to think there is one way to your goal and if you deviate you fail.  They pick a plan and if /when it gets too hard for too long, they quit.  I get it!  Believe me!  Been there, done that!
For me, constantly changing my outlook, attitude, and actions to fit my current life and needs has been the only way I haven't let go of my weight-loss and health goals.
At times that has meant food choices and exercise weren't the top priority.  It was what I could handle at the time, though.

So yeah, 70 down, 10 to go.  I can't wait to see what I learn next!

I hope the lesson involves chocolate. :) 


Alesia said...

HELLO smaller sizes!!! Congrats!! Love it!! Love Jacob's sweet smile. I always enjoy your comments and your pictures!! Makes me smile. :) Alesia

Daddy said...

I knew you could do it. Just don't let the set backs get you down, because they will happen. I'm proud of what you've accomplished - it took a lot of willpower and persistance. As usual, thanks for putting in a picture of the grandkids.
Love ya!

Cayce said...

Thank you! Daddy, I've learned that the setbacks are what make me stronger, so hopefully I will remember that the next time I have one!