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Saturday, July 14, 2012

WW Wednesday

Yeah yeah, it's Saturday.  Moving on...
For the last few months I've been participating in a mailing list for my WW group.  We can share recipes, non-scale victories, etc.  I took it upon myself to start writing up a little about our meetings each week and email it to the group.  Usually I include the "awards" that were handed out that week (An additional 5 pounds lost, etc.), but I think that would be inappropriate for me to share here.

Today, in lieu of me reflecting on my own week in a weight loss jooouuurney, I'm going to share part of that email with the hopes that someone else might find the information helpful. 
I will return next week with a normal WW Wednesday post.


This week we talked about how to handle setbacks on our weight-loss journey.  Slip-ups and struggle don't have to be roadblocks and WW has some suggested ways to regain your footing and get back on track.
(My own path to success has basically been a slip-n-slide!)

-Review your Goals and Progress
Remind yourself of the changes you've already made and also of what caused you to make them in the first place.  It's amazing how much progress can be made when we are focused and putting in the effort.
Have you made unrealistic goals? Consider switching to non-scale goals like always attending your meeting or always getting in your exercise instead of losing a certain amount of weight by a certain date.  

-Get back into Fitness
Forgive yourself for slacking in this department, then start slow and choose something you love.  If you don't enjoy it at least a little bit then you won't do it.  Set a small fitness goal that you know you can achieve and then stick with it.  The only person keeping score is you.  

-Practice Positive Self-Talk
The past is the past and you don't live there anymore!  
Whatever your mistakes might have been, there's no time like the present to resolve to do better and mean it.  Contrary to what we often believe, there is no limit to how many times we can do this.  I think it is when we stop resolving to do better that we should be concerned. 
(I personally think that prolonged complacency atrophies the spirit.)
I see my meeting as a reset button for my week.  For better or for worse, what's done is done.  I shouldn't coast on a great week any more than I should drown by the guilt of a bad one.

If you've been slipping a lot on your own, remember that it is a lot easier to regain your footing when you take the hand of another.  

Until next week I leave you with the words by Michael Jordan that closed our meeting this week:

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." 

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