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Monday, January 14, 2013

Duke with Ally

While my cousin Ally was in for a (great) visit last week, we made a quick trip to Duke to explore a bit.    We hit up Elmo's Diner for lunch and this completed our micro-mini Durham tour. (Gimme a break, a 3 year old who still naps was my fellow tour guide...)

See all these students? Yeah, I was the one with a dSLR hanging around her neck and a preschooler at her side.  I didn't stand out as a non-student AT ALL.  (Although Ally said I look young and could be a photography student... but she's a known liar. ;)  J/k)

View from a bridge on campus.  Can't you imagine living here?  Are there secret societies here, Merri?  Let's pretend there are because my imagination can go crazy in a place like this.

My cool cousin Ally graduates from UMass Amherst in May.  She was in love with Duke, though!  We were both mentally reviewing all the academic missteps which led to attending college anywhere other than Duke during our walk, though!

Can't help it.  The rooftops remind me of Mary Poppins.

Facing the front doors of Duke Chapel from the inside.  This is what the designer of the doorway must have envisioned...

Organ pipes in the rear of the chapel.  You can't imagine how the music sounds in this church.  We attended their Protestant/mainly Methodist services while I was pregnant with BigBoy.

Just outside the chapel.

She wears these pearls with EVERYTHING.
And I love it. :)

Looking up in the wings outside.

Does any style look more collegiate than neo-gothic architecture?

But the mixes with modern make it more relatable, I think.

Ally checking to see if the organ demonstration is on for the afternoon...
(Due to some interior renovations being done, it wasn't, unfortunately.)

The tower of Duke Chapel

Duke University Class of 2032! Who's with me?!

(I've blaaaaahgged about Duke before. Here's campus in the Spring. I have LOTS more you haven't even seen!  Duke's campus is gorgeous and you should check it out if you're ever in the Durham area.)


Alesia said...

Always love you great eye for photos. Ally is beautiful.

Frauenfelder said...

Yay I made it into a post!!!!<3 thanks for having me!!!!
as always,beautiful photographs!