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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Baby Song

I don't have baby books for my children.  
I don't scrapbook.  
I have few actual printed copies of the thousands of photographs I have taken in the last 7 years chronicling my brief term as a mother.
What I do have is this blog, and lately I've felt the urge to document a special part of the bond I have with my children.  

It began when BigBoy was an infant: he wanted to be held a lot.  He needed to be soothed a lot.  When you run out of lullabies, old hymns, and even TV theme songs, your instincts just take over.  
One day as I walked and rocked him slowly around our little apartment, holding him pressed to my chest as he liked it,  I started humming and the words came out.  
Years later BigBoy named it The Baby Song, and now both of my children request it when they are especially tired, sick, or just want the comfort that whispered words of love can bring.
I know I'm no singer, but the voice God gave me speaks to the heart of my children.
BigBoy and BabyCakes, this is for you.

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Daddy said...

I can still hear my sweet Mother's voice in my memory. It would be wonderful to have something like this to comfort you when you are down, even at my age. Be sure the kids have a copy of this. You realize how much you are truly loved by your parents when you have children of your own.

shelley said...