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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Gardeners

Like everyone, there are things about our home that the hubs and I wouldn't mind changing.
All-in-all, though, we are in a friendly, safe community with easy access to everything we need and want, a great job-market, good neighbors, and good schools for the chitlins.

Our house isn't big or perfect, but it is a safe, loving home.

Our Pottery Barn-inspired mudroom kitchen floor begs kids to strip down to the least amount of clothes necessary for decency make themselves confortable.
(BabyCakes, How many times do I have to tell you to put your shoes in your room?!!)

Priceless works of art line the halls unpainted hallway in our home.

Built-in bookshelves house expensive common-yet-beautiful souvenirs from world travels of the Southeast.

The winner of "Survivor: Cayce's Plants Edition" gets a hard-earned moment in the sun.

Dinosaur-monsters (that slightly frighten me) are next to my to-do list on my desk in my office the pantry door.

No, we don't have the fanciest house on the street, but I can guarantee I have the most loving gardeners in the neighborhood.

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Alesia said...

I am your # fan!! I love your blog and want to start one of my own....if I could ever figure out how to do it! :) So techno-challenged!! You will be so glad that you did this one day and I am glad you do it too!